Matching & Creating a Rule Set

Matching is a great way for your company to turbo charge your social impact and to incentivise your employees to engage with your workplace giving programs!

Company Admin > Settings > Matching

Only Company Admins with Super Admin permission level will have access to the features below.

If your company participates in matching we recommend you contact your Account Manager to activate the below feature.

Activating Matching for your Company

Before your matching has been activated you will see the message on the screen below. Contact your Accounts Manager and we can activate matching for your company to create rules.

When your Accounts Manager has activated your matching feature you should then see the screen below.

When your matching has been activated your employees will see on their Homepage and My Giving page a running balance of the percentage of their giving is matched by your company.

Next, you need to set the currency and country you would like to create and apply matching rules to, this is called a Matching Rule Set.


Why do I need to set up a Matching Rule Set?

You may have office locations in more than one country. Each country or region may match in their local currency. You can create matching rule sets for each of those local currency in your workplace giving program.

For example, you can separate your matching into two matching rule set, one for AUD for offices in Australia and NZD for offices in New Zealand each set will have their own running balances, limits (or budgets).

Otherwise you can group all your office locations across different countries into one rule set and matching will be calculated and displayed in the nominated currency. If you choose to take this option we recommend you go for the default currency in your company profile for ease of reporting and applicable exchange rates.

For example, you can create a matching rule set for employees in Australia and New Zealand in AUD. This means all donations made by NZ employees will be matched in AUD and will be subject to exchange rates applicable at the time donations are paid.


Remember once you have created a matching rule set and rules, the option to delete or remove the rules or rule set are restricted. We recommend you contact your Accounts Manager beforehand for a demonstration or further training.

Adding a Matching Rule Set

To start, click on Actions and select Create Matching Rule Set.

A window will appear as shown below.

Enter a name that will help you identify the matching rule set in Matching Group name field.

Then select the currency you would like to allocate matching donations.

Finally, select the countries you would like to have matching available.

When you have completed the three fields, click Save.



Once you have created the Matching rule set your screen will appear as shown below. (This example is a rule set for the nominated currency - AUD for one country - Australia).

At the top of the rule set, you will see the name you created and the country the rule set applies to.

The rule set is separated by two sections, Default Rules and Special Rules, to create rules under each heading click on the respective buttons you see at the top right corner of the rule set.

Each rule set will have a running balance of the matching total in the nominated currency for your reporting year.

What is a Default Rule?

This is a matching rule that applies throughout the reporting year and automatically renews at the start of every year. It acts as a default and applies to donations that fall within the rule created.

What is a Special Rule?

This is a matching rule that can boost matching on top of your active default rules or be applied to a specific campaign(s).

Quick tip: For companies that has office locations in one country only, you only need the one matching rule set. Typically during implementation our team will have completed this during set up.

Platform Matching Statement 

When matching is activated, you have the option to set up a platform wide message to your employees. This message will be displayed across any active campaign in the money-giving modules.

This message is not connected to any particular campaign or rule and is visible to every employee, unless you create a custom matching statement for an active rule, the platform matching statement will act as default across all live campaign pages.

Adding a Platform Matching Statement


Click on Actions on the top right corner of the screen and select Platform Matching Statement. A pop-up window will appear as shown below.


Enter your statement that your company would like to publish to your employees on active campaigns. At the top of the text field are formatting tools for you to use and include a hyperlink if required. Once completed click Save.  

The message will display as show in the Support a Colleague campaign page as shown below or on the top right side of your regular giving and appeal page.

Once you have created a matching rule set and platform matching statement you are ready to start creating rules. We recommend you check out the different matching rules.

A great way to start is to have a company matching policy of 1:1 for all employee donations. Where every dollar donated by your employees the company will match a $1 to the employee’s chosen charity.