Setting up the Homepage

The Homepage is a highly visible part of your program and every part of it acts as a showcase to your employees. We understand the importance of creating identity for your program so it can support your company in delivering on your CSR objectives.

During implementation, we will help you set up your homepage to become seamlessly part of your company brand. We have designed it to be engaging to your employee with visual displays of images and key areas to display your corporate branding.

As Company administrator, you have the ability to customise and update content as the need requires - from displaying seasonal campaigns and opportunities to sending out a key message or call to action!

Company > Homepage

To customise your company-wide homepage for all your employees click on the Homepage icon.

Where your company has more than one office location you have the ability to customise content of the homepage tiles for each office by going to Office Homepage.

Making your brand visible

Homepage Banner

The above image shows how you can utilise and tailor the homepage banner section to your needs. The text displayed can be customised to suit your programs needs.

Homepage Tallies

Is there to display the social achievements of the company to your employee. There are a total of six tallies available for display and depends on what modules you have selected to your program. Each row relates to a module and provides a total for the reporting year and a cumulative total over time. The monetary tally is a collective across all the money giving module. The data is available based on updates and activities of each module.

Go to How to Customise and Update My Homepage Banner Title.

My Impact Bar

The data you see above is provided to each employee of their personal participation and it is auto-generated by our platform.

When employees have registered, participated, donated and supported by you through matching it is displayed here in a summary. They can click through to their My Giving page from View all >.

At this stage there are no customisable content in this section.






Employee Navigation Bar

When you have activated the full suite of modules in your program, the employees will see the following icons in the navigation bar, they will display in the order shown.

The label name under each icon are configurable and set to your program needs, this can be edited in Modules & User Agreements.

When you switch view to Company Admin or Payroll Admin you will see a different set of icons.

Homepage Tiles

When you scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the last section you will see the homepage tiles.

Customise Your Tiles

The number of homepage tiles displayed depends on which modules you have opted to include in your program. If you have more than one module, you have the option to arrange the order of the tiles to suit your program needs.

For example, if you have a strong focus on volunteering you can prioritise the tile to be shown at the top of the homepage tile section. This is flexible and can be changed at any time by a Company Admin.

To change the order of your Homepage Tiles click here.

In addition to the order of Homepage tiles you can customise the default images, titles, subtitles, descriptions and carousel as shown below.

To find out how to use the carousel feature, set a default image and description click on the link provided above.

Version Sep 9, 2020

Version Sep 9, 2020