FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

This feature is dedicated to your program and your employees. Your employees can always head to the navigation bar.

To create content and manage Frequently Asked Questions for your employees, go to Custom Content in Company Admin.

Click FAQs icon. If you did not provide any information to upload during implementation then you will see the following.

However if you did then you will see something similar to the below screen.

Add New Questions


Simply click the button and a line will appear below and show new question.

Click on new question and a field will open

Enter the question you would like to display in New question field. It will appear on the Preview Mode on the right hand side.

Below is a text field the enter your answer. When you are happy with the content and format click Save.

Repeat the above until you have your list of questions as shown below.

To Edit and Delete a FAQ

You can edit a FAQ by clicking on the question and it will open to for editing. Click save when complete.

To delete a FAQ, click on the question and simply click the Remove button.

You can arrange the order of the FAQs, either use the arrows provided or click on the number visible at the front of each question and enter a number. The order would be a numerical order, number 1 being the first.


Version 9 September 2020

Version 9 September 2020