Managing your registrations

Once you have set up and activated your volunteering opportunities in the marketplace you can click on the Volunteering Icon under My Giving modules. Your screen will directly open to your Registration Dashboard.

Volunteering Registration Dashboard

Your opportunity sessions will be displayed in chronological order from the most current to sessions later. To help you focus on upcoming session in the next 14 days tick the box available next to the search field.


What you see on the Dashboard

The dashboard will highlight in opportunities in green, red and yellow to help you identify which opportunity sessions have successfully been filled, that still needing more registrations to run or are almost full.

You will see a column that you can utilise as a guide (and is updated during set up) for each session if a minimum number of volunteers is required to allow the session to go ahead.

Managing your registrations from the Dashboard.

The Dashboard will provide you with summary list of the upcoming activities, find and click on the name and date of the opportunity session,


This will redirect you to the active registration list as seen below.

Click on the field All time slots to review and select specific session times and you will see the details of individuals registered to the event.

By selecting the Choose button you will be allocating this registered volunteer as the Team Lead. To understand the Team Lead role, please click this link.


If you are required to move a volunteer to a waitlist please click Move to Waitlist button. For more information in Waitlist, click here.

From here, you can also register an employee on their behalf you can click Actions and select Add registration on behalf.

Select the session time slot required.

Identify if the volunteer is an employee

Enter the email address of the volunteer you want to register. A drop down menu should appear for a list of employees or enter the email address of an non-employee.

Click Confirm Registration.


Optional information for registration

  • Volunteer’s phone number

  • Additional information required is only visible if you created an option when creating the event.

Alternatively, if you are in Managing Volunteering and Events you can access the active registration list by clicking the Registrations button