One Off Giving Campaigns

This module is a fantastic way to kick off a fundraising appeals for a special event, cause, disaster and emergency relief or aid.

In addition to the key messaging, fundraising story and dollar handles, we provide tools in the one off giving campaign that has gives key metrics to your campaign donors from optional donation target, percentage raised, supporter numbers and days left for the campaign.

Features of One Off Giving

Engaging Metrics

We provide visual and engaging metrics during the life of the campaign in real time.

  • Live Progress Bar and Target

  • Number of Supporters

  • Days Left

  • Recent Activity on the platform

Delivering the Social Impact Story

You can bring alive the campaign by uploading Appeal and Banner images that relate to your social impact. There is also plenty of space to upload your copy!

Matching Capabilities

Our platform has in-built features that allow you to create and tailor matching rules in line with your corporate policy. Each campaign has the ability to display a matching statement at the top of the page.

Easy to Pledge (or Opt-in) for Employees

We provide a dedicated area for the Call to Action and customisable donation tiers (dollar handles) for you to tailor your campaign.

It is easy for your employees to opt-in (pledge), edit and manage their regular donations. and in their My Giving.

Donor Communications

We provide you with the ability to tailor your message during the donation flow and after!

We provide you with the following dedicated fields in Edit Preview of each campaign so you can continue the customised approach to each user.

In addition email templates are available for all campaign types to provide the option to send auto-generated email confirmations to employees.

Simple Payroll Administrations

If you have opted to provide payroll giving to your employees, all One Off Giving campaigns will offer payroll to employees along side other payment options available.

Pledges will be processed in line with the pay cycle of each employee.

During implementation we will pre-set your pay cycles that your company requires.

To allow for simple and easy to manage donation processing, we have a dedicated dashboard for Payroll Admins to process, manage and export data to your Payroll Systems.

Depending on your company’s capability to set up User Provisioning. Our platform can streamline processing for payroll.Social Media Interactions

We provide you with social media integrations like Workplace by Facebook.

One-Off Giving is available on the Community Impact Hub. Contact your Account Manager to find out more.

Start Creating your One Off Giving Campaign

There are two ways to create a regular giving campaign: