Your Give Money Marketplace

By clicking on the icon in your navigation bar you can access the Give money marketplace. You will see all the active campaigns within your company. 

Use the filter to search through your Give Money Marketplace

The type field will help you see the range of campaigns on offer, use the causes or community partner filters to find a specific campaign you would like to donate to.

I would like to donate to a campaign, cause or community partner 

If you see a campaign that you want to support, click on “Donate Now”. This will redirect you to the campaign page and provide you with further information.

Marketplace Tile

Campaign Page

From the campaign page, you can read about the commitment and social impact of your company and the charity highlighted.

You will also be able to view how you can support the charity through the dollar handles displayed or when provided enter a custom amount to donate on an ongoing basis.

When you click on the Make Donation button you will then be taken through the donation payment process.

Donation Payment process

Choose your Payment Method

Depending on the campaign and payment methods your company has opted in and the charity has available you have the ability to choose how you would like to donate. When you have selected your payment method click Proceed with Payment.

Summary of Your Donation

Before we confirm your payment and redirect you to the payment gateway you have selected (for credit and debit card donations), you will then be asked to check your donation and tick if you would like to share your details with the charity.

We also provide you with the ability to remain anonymous if you choose.

Lastly, if you are donating on behalf of your team or the company, you can tick the box This is a company donation.

A company donation is where a donation is made on behalf the company and you require a donation receipt in the name of the company rather than your own name. To find out more click here.

When you click the Complete payment button it will confirm your pledge if you have selected to donate through Payroll or redirect you to the selected payment gateway of your choice. Remember to have your card details ready to complete your donation.

Thank you !

When you have completed your donation via your payment option you will see the Thank you! page on your screen.

Where available you will have the ability to share and encourage others to donate through Workplace by Facebook.

For your record, a confirmation email will be sent to you of your donation. For credit and debit card donations a link your donation receipt will be provided in the email.

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Version: Sep 23, 2020

Version: Sep 23, 2020