My Campaign Templates

We have a range of campaign types available on our platform and are available for your charity to create templates to be used by Corporates.

Templates are a useful and practical way to provide recommended content and branding for upcoming, recurring and annual campaigns run by your charity. Once you set up a template it will be available content for Corporates to use.

To create a charity template, select the campaign type under My Campaigns, when a screen appears click the Actions button and Select Add Campaign Template.

You will then be asked to name your campaign template and provide a short description. When you are ready click Save and the template will open in edit mode.

For future reference, you will see a list of charity templates for that campaign type each time you click on the relevant icon. Each campaign template created can be modified and reused, simply click the Edit button.

To see how to create a template for each campaign type, click on the relevant link below:

Support a Colleague

Regular Giving

Sponsor a Person

Final Hour

Social Cause