Volunteering Module

Understanding the Volunteering User Flow

For our clients using our Volunteering Module, all Users will be able to access it from a dedicated homepage tile on the User Homepage (landing page) or from the icon in the navigation bar.

Both access points will take you straight to the Volunteering Marketplace.

To check out what the user flow is :https://catalyser.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KEU/pages/617119928

The Volunteering module is flexible and customisable to suit your company’s needs and will fit within your corporate branding and provide space to upload content to your volunteering activities. Below, are terms we use on how to set up your activities.

Volunteering Events

Is the collective term we use to group your volunteering activities (known as opportunities in this module) for your program event.

An Event will require a start and end date and assist you in managing the visibility and launch of activities in the Volunteering marketplace. This period is customisable to suit your needs.

Tip: A range of our clients use events to run annual programs, adhoc and single day events.

Volunteering Opportunities

Is what we refer to your volunteering activities and is a tier under the volunteering event. Each opportunity will have their own page to display all the relevant details required to volunteer (Opportunity Page). Company Admins can create an opportunity page and where activities are popular, the charity may provide you with a template to use. An opportunity page will display details including session(s) date and time.

Tip: You can create as many opportunities under one event. It is up to you how you would like to manage your programs.

Volunteering Sessions

are the dates and times available under each opportunity. You can either create a single-session opportunity, where an opportunity will only have one session date and time, alternatively you can create a multi-session opportunity where there are multiple dates and times displayed on one opportunity page.

The marketplace is organised by volunteering sessions that have Places available, with the top showing the latest opportunities available to future opportunities.

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