Skilled-Volunteering (Pro-Bono) Module

This is module gives your company the ability to incorporate skilled or specialised volunteering into your program by providing your employees with an expression of interest (EOI) marketplace.

The Pro Bono or Skilled Volunteering icon on your navigation tab will redirect you to a dedicated marketplace showcasing opportunities that require select or specialty skillset.

To understand how your employees will view your EOIs, click

Similar to the Volunteering module we provide a foundation for you to create events, opportunities and session in a flexible way to suit your needs.

Each marketplace tile will be displayed as an expression of interest (EOI) and provide your employees with a snapshot of information of the opportunities available.

What is a Pro Bono event ?

A Pro Bono event is a large thematic event that gathers multiple opportunities, sometimes in different locations and with different offices. You will typically create an event for specific topic: mentoring, helping charities specialised in certain areas, etc. 

Visibility of Your Marketplace Tiles

The display of the marketplace tiles are subject to:

Display Order of your marketplace tiles are subject alphabetical order of your opportunity names. From A-Z your opportunity will be in order from top to bottom, left to right.

Visibility Settings is also available to you in your Event details when you create or edit an event. You have the ability to show opportunities before the start date if you select a visibility date before the event start date.

Each marketplace tile will be open for EOIs until the opportunity(or session) start date has passed.

To manage your registration deadlines you can set a registration deadline at opportunity or event level.

Creating your pro bono event

Managing your expressions of interest (EOI's)

Adding terms and conditions