I am having trouble linking my charity's PayPal account

If you have tried to link your charity’s PayPal account by following this guide https://catalyser.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CUGCP/pages/757661797 and are still having issues with linking your account, the reason may be that your charity PayPal account is not up to date.

We have listed a few common issues our charity partners have experienced when attempting to link their PayPal account on Catalyser.

We recommend reviewing and updating the following details of your charity PayPal account.

Remember to have ready the login details for to your charity PayPal account.

Have you confirmed your identity with PayPal?

Click Get Started and complete the flow below.


Have you provided all the information requested by PayPal? Click See details

to get your account up to date click the Resolve button below, otherwise your PayPal account may be restricted and therefore not able to link to Catalyser.


Have you completed the set up process of your charity’s nominated bank account on PayPal?

Login to your PayPal account and check the bank account details and if it shows “Unverified” this may be a reason that your account is not up to date.