Creating and managing your Volunteering Event

Company Admin > Volunteering > Manage Volunteering

To start here, you need to be Company Administrator, click on Switch View at the top in the header. Select Company Admin from the drop down menu.

To manage and create your events, you need to click on Actions button in the Registration Dashboard and select Manage Volunteering.

When you first click on the Volunteering icon you will see the Volunteering Registration Dashboard. It will be empty if you have not created any opportunities. Go to Registration Dashboard, for more information on how to use it.

How to Use Volunteering Events

Our event feature is set to be flexible to your needs. Essentially, it is an internal tool to organise and manage your event activities under “one roof”.

You can choose to create events to run company-wide volunteering days, seasonal programs, micro-events for each office location or if you have specific charity partnership that may have a group of activities you want to organise under one event.

This screen will allow you to see and manage your events on your platform.


  • Create an event for your company-wide volunteering day

  • Create an event for your seasonal program

  • Create an event to manage micro-events for one of your offices

How to Add a Volunteering Event 

You must complete this step before creating volunteering activities (we call them opportunities) and in particular before you choose to Bulk Upload opportunities.

Volunteering > Manage Volunteering > Actions > Add Event

A pop up window will appear, once you have clicked on Add Event.

Enter Name and Description as the will help you identify and manage your volunteering events.

Select the Time zone that the event will be taking place in. You can select a different timezone on an opportunity level too. 

Select a Start Date/Time for the event. This is the starting time that registrations open. 

Make opportunity visibility start time the same as the event start time is a default setting.

This will allow your event to be open to registrations on the day it launches in the Volunteering marketplace.

To set a View-Only period (preview) for opportunities under this event, untick the box and set a date before the event start date.

Select an End Date/Time the event finishes. If you would like a review period after the event has finished.

Make opportunity visibility end time the same as the event end time? is a default setting.

To have opportunities visible in the marketplace after the Event date, untick the box and select a date you would like.

Enter an Event Registration Deadline (optional)

This deadline applies to all opportunities (activities) under this event.

Tip: We recommend you use this registration deadline if you have a large volume of activities and cannot manage deadlines for individual opportunities.

Additional Information

Is this an optional feature that allows you to seek and request information during the user registration flow.


  • Set up a disclaimer or consent request to attend the event

  • For company-wide events, a company t-shirt may be distributed. You can request a t-shirt size

  • Create a single-question survey.

When you have completed the Event set up, Click Save.

Your event will be saved and you will return to the screen for Managing Volunteering.

The next step, is to start creating opportunities under this event.

Why do we call it a Volunteering event? Check out the terminology we use in the Volunteering Module