I want to add a Charity to my workplace giving program

Company Admin > Settings > Charities


We have an extensive range of charities in our platform database, simply go to your Settings and click Charities to search for your chosen charities!

We recommend you check that the charity is available on our database and you have Enabled the charity to your Company Profile. Definitely before you begin creating a campaign or opportunity!

Finding your Charity

To find a charity on our database, first untick the Enabled charities only box to see all charities on our database, even the ones that you have not enabled to your Company Profile.

Then use our Search field below and enter the name of the charity you require.

The search results will be displayed below. Under the Status column the charity will either be Enabled (in black) or Disabled (in grey) mode. Here is an example of a charity that Disabled in your Company Profile.

To Enable the Charity to your Company Profile

Click on the Causes field next to the charity name and a drop down menu will appear. Select your Cause(s) area the charity will update and the status will switched to enabled.

Once you have selected your Cause area for the charity there is no further action required. Done!

If you cannot find the charity on our database, please contact your Account Manager for assistance.

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