Social Cause+

This flexible module is similar to its sister module, Social Cause! It is a super flexible feature that allows you to create expression of interests, pre-registrations to an event and collection drives the ever popular final hour appeal!

What is a Final Hour Appeal?

This is where a company has pledged to run a campaign whereby their employees can donate their last hour of their pay to the nominated charity. Employees can register their commitment to the campaign and then at the end the final amount raised can be entered via Company Contributions.

Key Features of Social Cause+

You may be familiar with our visually engaging layout for campaigns. We have adopted this layout so that you can easily deliver your message and get employees to quickly follow your call to action!

Easy to Register for Employees

It is easy for your employees to opt-in (register) to your Final Hour campaign.

Delivering the Social Impact Story

This is important real estate for you and your nominated social cause. You can bring alive the campaign by uploading Appeal and Banner images that relate to your social impact or highlighting the charity selected. There is also plenty of space to upload your copy!

User Communications

We provide you with the ability to tailor your message during the donation flow and after!

We provide you with the following dedicated fields in Edit Preview of each campaign so you can continue the customised approach to each user.

In addition email templates are available for all campaign types to provide the option to send auto-generated email confirmations to employees.

Simple Registration Administration

We provide you with a dedicated area to review, manage and register on behalf of employees. To see how registrations are managed head to Managing Registrations for Social Cause and/or Plus!

Social Media Interactions

We provide you with social media integrations like Workplace by Facebook.


Start Creating your Social Cause Plus Campaign now!

There are two ways to create a regular giving campaign:


This is a very flexible and versatile module. We have provided customisable tools for you to name and brand this module to align with your workplace giving program.