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Company Admin > Campaigns


There are two ways to create a campaign on our platform:

  • Creating a campaign from a charity template (as shown below)

  • Creating a campaign without a template.

Many of our charity partners will have annual fundraising days and campaigns throughout the year.

We have therefore provided Charities with the ability to create charity templates for our companies on our platform.


What is a charity template?

Charities can create a range of templates in campaigns and set opportunities available on Catalyser for corporates to easily use and help you align to their branding where required.

Charities will have pre-filled the different types of campaigns and opportunities available with recommended images and copy. This can include the charity’s messaging, targets, dates, donation handle, impact statements ready for you to use!

To Find a Charity Template

Click on the Actions button and under Create Campaign, Select With charity template in the drop down menu as shown below.

Select a Charity* you would like to create a campaign

Select Campaign Type you would like and is available. For more information on campaign types go toMoney Giving Modules.

Click Campaign Template to find what templates the charity is offering in campaigns.

Click Next and your campaign will open in Edit Preview.


 *Charities are only visible as an option if are only visible when you have set them up in your Company Profile. To add a charity go to Settings in the navigation bar and select Charities.

Customise a Charity Template in Edit Preview


When using a charity template, the content is pre-filled for you as a recommendation. It is not compulsory to use all content and images provided. To edit a charity template, go to Edit Preview.

In Edit Preview, the left side of the screen allows you to edit the fields in a campaign template and the right side will instantly display the changes made.

Field Name

*compulsory field


Campaign name* 

will appear in the heading of the campaign page, marketplace tile.

Short descriptio

will be seen right under the title on you campaign page and on the marketplace. The description will provide a short summary about the campaign.


Tip: Keep it short and simple you will have plenty of space to deliver your message in the campaign!


This appears as a statement message over the appeal image.

Appeal Title and Description

gives you the ability to give your campaign a story a name and value


The Tile image can be uploaded from your computer. It will be visible marketplace tile image (and when activated your community impact hub tile image).

For a Support a Colleague (Cause) campaign, this image will also be shown as a circle image on top of your campaign banner.

The Appeal image is a dedicated space that brings your campaign page to life. To get the recommend sizing for your campaign page go see our suggested image size.

Supported Countries*

 This sets the audience for the campaign, select the supported countries where you would like to run this campaign. The employees in the location will see campaign metrics in their local currency.


If you would like your audience to see donation tiers in their local currency you will need to create them by following the guide below.


This sets when the campaign goes live on the platform. The default start time is 9:00 and can be modified.

You have the ability to edit the dates at any time.


Tip: Prepare a campaign

Initial and target donations donations

Initial donations is available to you if your company has funded a donation amount at the start of the campaign. This will be visible when the campaign goes live.


Please note the currency is set to default currency of the charity and cannot be changed.


Adding an initial donation usually helps incentivise the first employees to donate too!

Custom Donations

Tick the box to allow custom donations.


This field is optional and can be added if the charity template does not provide that option. Remember that if there is no donation tiers you must tick this field for employees to make donations.

Credit Card Donations^

^Clients with Credit Card Donations activated.

This is only available to one-off giving and support a colleague modules.

Tick the box if you would like to provide employees the option to donate with debit/credit card.


If you see the message below in your Edit Preview, please contact your Account Manager.

Donation appreciation message

 will appear after a donor has completed a donation and will appear on the Thank you for donating screen.

Email message

We have a set of templates available in each module that send auto-generated email confirmations when an employee donates.

This field allows you to further tailor and customise your message to the individual campaign.


Make sure you have included the injectable variable {{campaigninsert}} in the appropriate email template. For more information on Email Templates.


Tip: A really versatile way to add value and further customise your email confirmation is to include charity or campaign info via a hyperlink here. For example, charity website, file and photos in your Sharepoint or intranet.

Add Donation Tiers 

Select the currency of your donation tier.

Each donation tier you set up will have a currency option. Only employees in that location will see that currency on campaign page when it goes live.

For example, if you select New Zealand dollars (NZ$), your employees in New Zealand will see that donation tier in NZD. 

Add the donation amount. Round numbers are recommended. The donation amount entered is default set to the monthly pay cycle. Our platform will automatically adjust to any other pay cycles applicable to your company.

The short description is the impact statement that will be visible to the dollar amount you have set.


Selecting an employee type and the payroll cycle will enable you to further drive donation goals to specific groups. For example, Partners may be given specific targets with different amounts. 

Click to Save donation tier. Repeat until you have completed all the required tiers.

Below is an example of donation tiers created.

(Left side is the Edit Mode and right side is Preview Mode)

You can remove and edit this donation tier later. 

The preview mode is on your right.



Why use donations tiers (or dollar handles)?

Donations tiers help your employees and supporters understand the impact of their donations.

When using the charity template, charities will have preloaded the descriptions for each amount, which you can edit too.

Using specific currencies, will allow you to create a donation tier that will only be visible to the employees donating in that currency.


Tip: You can check how the different currencies is displayed on the live campaign page by switching your office location. Simply switch to Company Admin view > Click Settings > Employees > Edit.

Community Hub (Add On Feature)

If you have this feature on your Company Profile.

You can include this on your Community Impact Hub by ticking this box (blue star) .

Workplace by Facebook (Add On Feature)

Image RemovedImage Added

If you have this feature for your Company Profile.

Sharing Title* is pre-filled using the details you have in Campaign name.

Sharing Description* is pre-filled using the details you have in Short Description field above. If you have not used the Short Description field above then you must enter a description here to save the campaign with the Workplace by Facebook sharing feature enabled.


Enable sharing to Workplace is ticked as default. If you do not want the sharing feature to be applicable for a particular campaign simply untick the box and Save the campaign.


Before you Save your Campaign

Check the start and end dates of your campaign.

  • If you enter today’s date and save the campaign it will go live on the marketplace.

  • If you have entered a start date that is in the past and have no end date for the campaign, the campaign will go live on the marketplace when you save the campaign.

  • If you entered an end date in the past the campaign will become inactive.

  • If you entered a start date in the future the campaign will go live on that date.