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This feature is only available to the ProBono module. Before you can complete the following steps you will need to have set up the event already.

We understand that every pro bono or skilled volunteering program is unique and the way you present and engage your employees is important.


Creating a Pro Bono/Skilled Volunteering Opportunity using a charity template

In Add ProBono opportunity

By clicking on Actions then selecting create an opportunity with or without a template a window will appear


Lastly, we provide an Approximate Hours field for you to display in opportunity page. When you complete the fields, click Next.

In Edit Preview of an opportunity


If you have created an opportunity already and would like to use this function you can only do so for opportunities that have only one future session as displayed in the example below. If you have more than one session under Dates & Times created then you cannot use this function in Edit Preview. We recommend you start fresh and create an new opportunity follow the above steps.


When you are ready, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Save. This will update the opportunity with the new changes.


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